General Itinerary of Verona

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b&b lago di gardaWith the traditional visit to Verona without having to leaf seedlings and booklets of information, but accompanied by experienced tour guides in two and a half hours you can visit the best offer the city of Verona. A fascinating journey through the eras, from ancient Rome to the early decades of the twentieth century, through different architectural styles, art, stories and legends of one of the most beautiful and fascinating Italian cities.

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The walking tour of Verona may be preceded by a bus route that allows you to admire the monuments away from the historic center on foot would require too much time to be visited: the doors Venetian and Austrian fortifications, the beautiful church of San Zeno, Castelvecchio , the Gavi Arch, Porta Borsari (first century AD), the church of St. George, Stone Bridge and the Roman Theatre (both in the first century BC), Santa Maria in Organo, San Fermo. By bus you can also climb the Torricelle the hills overlooking Verona and admire the breathtaking view from the top. The tour guide stays with the group for the entire bus route illustrating the monuments as they meet.


verona1The walking path meanders through the downtown streets , drawn largely remained the same over two thousand years ago by the Romans when they founded the city and on which you have accumulated two millennia of history and construction. Verona is a city made literally in layers, where on a base made ​​of Roman monuments and fascinating ruins, are grafted elegant Romanesque churches, tower houses Gothic , and Renaissance palaces richly decorated long and prosperous Venetian period to form the most enchanting and beautiful squares . Only if accompanied by an experienced tour guide able to grasp the city in all its aspects , up to its hidden treasures , alleys, squares secluded , under the arcades of the past. During the guided tour of Verona general you will see the famous home of Romeo and Juliet, the picturesque Scaliger Gothic masterpiece , Piazza dei Signori, a veritable museum of outdoor architecture , Piazza delle Erbe, near the fountain of Madonna Verona and the wonderful buildings that surround it , the Arena , the Roman amphitheater from the first century , and much more.

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The guided tour of Verona is of course only one path indicative that, in agreement with the tour guide who will accompany you, it can be adapted to your specific needs, even during the visit, maybe adding the entrance to one of the churches that encountered along the route (San Zeno, Santa Anastasia, the Cathedral or Santa Maria Antica) Arena or in one of the many museums in the city include Castelvecchio, Archaeological Excavations Lapidary or Scala.