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veronaWith the traditional visit to Verona without having to leaf seedlings and booklets of information, but accompanied by experienced tour guides in two and a half hours you can visit the best offer the city of Verona. A fascinating journey through the eras , from ancient Rome to the early decades of the twentieth century , through different architectural styles , art , stories and legends of one of the most beautiful and fascinating Italian cities . [ Read More ]


shakespeare_verona1Accompanied by a tour guide , a journey to learn about Shakespeare’s Verona .
The tragic story of Romeo and Juliet is a legend, no one can say with certainty that the two star-crossed lovers of Verona are actually lived . However, as in all the legends , there are many elements of the story that are reflected in reality. [ Read More ] ROMAN VERONA

verona_romanaVerona , thanks to its strategic position at the center of a road network consists of the streets Postojna , Gallica and Claudio Augusta , in Roman times it was one of the most important cities . Even today in Verona , the remains of its Roman past are so numerous and well preserved as to make the Italian city with the most visible artifacts after Rome . [ Read More ]